LeAnn Rimes on her drastic weight loss: 'I was fat' before!

LeAnn Rimes said her oft-criticized thin frame is nothing unhealthy and that she merely grew up and grew out of her “baby fat.”

The country singer and tabloid staple appeared on “Chelsea Lately,” where she told host Chelsea Handler of her weight loss, “I was a baby. You’ve known me since I was 13. I was fat. Baby fat … and then I grew up.”

Handler responded saying, “I’m getting fatter as I get older, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m about to hit 30 this year,” Rimes told Handler, 36. “I heard it’s all downhill from there.”

Handler also asked Rimes about being photographed in a bikini often, to which the singer responded, “I am on the damn beach, for God’s sake.”

“They follow us everywhere, it’s quite annoying,” she said. “I’m annoyed with myself to be honest.”

Rimes admitted that she sometimes sets up photo-ops with paparazzi “to get people to leave me alone.”

“Once the photographs are taken, it’s all done, but it’s not something you do often,” she said. “But there are certain ones, like all of a sudden I’m picking a wedgie out of my butt, I definitely didn’t set that one up, obviously.”