'Law & Order: SVU' episode inspired by Duggar family scandal

[Spoiler alert! The following contains spoilers from "Law & Order: SVU"]

A God-fearing reality TV family must cope with incest — or worse — on this week’s “ripped from the headlines” edition of “Law & Order: SVU.”

13-year-old Lane Baker (guest star Victoria Leigh) is one of ten siblings on the fictional show “Baker’s Dozen.” She has come to New York City to pledge abstinence until marriage at her ceremonial “virtue ball” when she suddenly collapses while dancing with her father.

The SVU squad is called in when doctor’s determine she is almost three months pregnant.

“She is our daughter. We will take care of her,” the girl’s parents insist when confronted with the news.

The family pastor, (who doubles as their lawyer) quickly arrives and tries to play the whole thing off as a matter to be handled by police in their small country town a few hours from Manhattan.

But Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) won’t let go.

Lane lives in an “insular environment” and that whoever got her pregnant is a “predator with access,” she says.

So who is the father?

The crew starts by questioning everyone who accompanied her to New York City 12 weeks earlier for a charity mission.

Dodds (Andy Karl) and Finn (Ice T) show up outside a church hostel where the Baker parents are filming a scene for their show.

They bring the family back to headquarters where the parents are interviewed and the children snack on pizza.

Lane admits she had sex on her previous visit and ultimately says it was a camera man for the show that got her pregnant.

But when Pete Matthews (guest star Chris Elliott) is brought in for questioning, we learn that he had a vasectomy ten years earlier and could not possibly the father.

Matthews suggests they take a closer look at 17-year-old brother Graham — a move that came as no surprise to anyone who watched the Duggar family, of TLC's canceled show "19 Kids and Counting," struggle with its internal issues this past year.

Finn and Carisi (Peter Scanavino) drive up to Allenville to sniff around and encounter a cop who passes the Graham’s entire rap sheet, perhaps in a move to act as a decoy from the actual truth.

Benson and Dodds, meanwhile, confront the Bakers and Pastor Eldon (guest star Ryan Devlin) with what they have learned and ask to speak with Graham.

They are told he “is just a curious boy going through puberty and it didn’t matter anyway because he has suddenly left for a trip to Ecuador.

Suddenly Rollins comes up with a game changing observation: all the Baker kids were born two years apart except for the youngest, Tate.

Could he possibly belong to another one of the Baker girls?

Through DNA the medical examiner is able to conclude that Graham is not the father — the pastor is!

The team hustles back to the church to arrest him on charges of statutory rape. But the pastor is gone.

Benson and others high-tail it back to Allenville to arrest him on charges of statutory rape, but find he is in the process of marrying the girl.

“This is God’s plan,” Lane tells her parents, who have consented to the union.

But in the end, he ends up in handcuffs.

Justice served.