‘Last Vegas’ director remembers the stripper who ripped him off

“I’ll tell you the stupidest thing I ever did in Vegas,” said Jon Turtletaub, the director of CBS Films’ “Last Vegas.” “I spent $1,200. Instead of getting a lap dance from a stripper, I rubbed her feet and talked about where she wants to go to college.”

How the heck did that happen?

“I didn’t want a lap dance. She sat down. I rubbed her feet. When I was done, they gave me a bill. What am I supposed to do? There are big scary men there.”

The men who attended the New York premiere of this buddy comedy weren’t so intimidating. They included stars Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline (and good pal and Sin City staple Regis Philbin was there as a sign of support).

The after party at the 21 Club was decked out with blackjack and roulette tables, although none of the guests were allowed to bet real money.

“I’ll be honest with you,” said Mary Steenburgen, who plays the film’s leading lady. “The craziest thing I’ve done in Vegas is sit around with my kids and 88-year-old aunt playing a game in our suite.” She said she ended up with “something like $80” after the shoot, from a spin around the casino.

Veteran producer Laurence Mark said he has a special number at roulette. “Stick with Red 19. Every once in a while when you get lucky, it makes up for all the times you weren’t,” he advised. And with the cast of his movie, he said he felt like he hit the jackpot.