Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead found out she was pregnant in a text message. He says the former Playboy bunny sent him a text-- complete with an emoticon of a baby-- to let him know their daughter, Dannielynn, was on her way into the world.

Birkhead reveals that and more in an upcoming E! special that reads like a reality-TV show episode. “Life after Anna Nicole: The Larry and Dannielynn Story” is a look at Birkhead’s day-to-day life with his daughter, who bears a striking resemblance to her former Playboy bunny mom.

The one-hour special features the historically private family, who moved to rural Kentucky to get away from the paparazzi storm that surrounded them following Smith’s sudden death in 2007.

“One day she just took off and went to the Bahamas and then I never saw her again,” Birkhead recounts to the cameras. “It was not a really easy relationship but it changed my life…”

He explains that Dannielynn, the now 7-year-old daughter of Smith, knows little about her famous mother.

“At this point, she thinks her mom was a very pretty person, and she watches over her every day, and she’s in heaven.”

In the E! footage, Birkhead delves into his tumultuous relationship with Smith, which was mostly kept out of the public eye so she could maintain her single, sex-kitten image.

“I don’t think there are enough adjectives to describe the relationship with Anna Nicole. It was crazy. It was wild. It was volatile.”

So volatile, in fact, that Birkhead wasn’t present for Dannielynn’s birth.

“When you hear you’re gonna get to be a dad, a lot of dads get the delivery room. My delivery room was seeing my daughter born on a national entertainment show,” an emotional Birkhead says.

Smith and Birkhead met in 2004 and began a secret relationship. On Feb. 8, 2007, Smith was found dead in a Florida hotel room due to a toxic mix of drugs in her system. Dannielynn was five months old at the time. Birkhead was awarded custody of the child after a paternity test proved he was her father.

“Life After Anna Nicole” airs Monday, Nov. 11 on E!