Lady Gaga asks fans to stop attacking Perez Hilton... kind of

It seems Lady Gaga is finally telling her Little Monster army to stand down.

The pop superstar, who has been publicly feuding with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, sent a message to her fans, in which she appears to be asking her die-hard followers to chill out.

The “Applause” singer finally spoke up after Hilton retweeted some of the death threats and homophobic slurs Gaga fans were flinging at him.

The tweets came after Hilton’s feud with Lady Gaga escalated, and he criticized her new single.

“IM GOING TO KILL UR SON IF U DONT LEAVE GAGA ALONE @PerezHilton,” one Gaga fan fumed.

Others threatened to kidnap the blogger’s recently adopted baby boy.

“@PerezHilton DIE OF AIDS,” one Twitter user wrote.

The messages prompted a response from Gaga herself.

“Sending threats of any kind, using hateful or abusive language, and the provoking of others on the internet is not supported by me or anything that I stand for. What I’ve seen transpiring is wrong and upsetting to me, and I’ve made it very clear how I feel about equality and compassion,” Gaga wrote in a blog post to her fans.

She pleaded with them to stop threatening her former friend.

Earlier in the week, however, Gaga was a bit harsher when it came to her arguments with Hilton. The singer lashed out at the blogger, when he apparently went apartment hunting in New York City and checked out a unit in her building.

In now deleted tweets, Gaga alleged that Hilton was stalking her.

He wrote a blog post defending his decision to search for a home in her hood.

“I learned only after the fact that Lady Gaga lives in one of the buildings we looked at, and she was across the country in Los Angeles when I viewed that building,” he wrote. “Any allegation that I am stalking her, based on a day of house hunting with my baby boy and my mother, is utterly false, defamatory and now appears to be putting me and my family in danger.”

In the message, Hilton admitted that he is now a “critic” of Gaga.

Neither Lady Gaga nor Perez Hilton has divulged why they began feuding.