Keith Urban: Nicole Kidman and I keep romance alive by sexting

Keith Urban admitted that it’s tough not seeing wife Nicole Kidman, while the two work in different countries.

Urban is often and on tour and works as a judge for “American Idol,” and Kidman is currently off in London with the couple’s children, shooting a movie.

So how do they keep the romance alive? A bashful Urban opened up to Ellen DeGeneres, admitting that once in a while they send sexually explicit text messages.

"Maybe one text. Maybe one cool kind of, you know ... a year, one of those kinds of texts, yes, one of those ones with the accompanying photo," he stammered when asked about their long distance marriage. "One of those kind of texts."

"What kind of text? What do you mean?" DeGeneres probed.

"Nice sex texting," he said.

He was visibly embarrassed talking about the subject and added, "I'm a little red right now."

[youtube KjO-xjTBsZA]