Julia Stiles talks playing an escort in 'Blue'

If you feel like you haven’t seen Julia Stiles on screen lately, you may just be looking for her in the wrong places—or rather on the wrong screen.

Stiles is currently starring in the YouTube series “Blue,” which returned for a second season on March 15.

In the show, Stiles plays “Blue,” a single mom who works as a call girl.

She said to prepare for the role she met with an array of people in the escort business.

“I got in touch with a few women who work as call girls, and I had lunch with them and just asked them a million questions from ‘what do you wear?’ to ‘how is money exchanged?’” she told FOX 411. “I was extremely curious and they were nice enough to open up to me. I also talked to their handlers—[their] managers—they don’t really call them pimps. It’s more like the person who sets up the dates and finds clients from them.”

She said in the second season of the racy series someone from Blue’s past threatens to expose her life choices and things get tricky.

“She is just living a secret life, and it’s about to blow up in her face.”

Stiles said being a part of the made-for-online show has had its advantages.

“I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at how much creative freedom we’ve had because we don’t really have a network or a movie studio…having control over what we do,” she said. “We can kind of do whatever we want.”

Each episodes of the show is about seven minutes long and around six new episodes are available online every Friday.

Stiles said the format lets viewers decide whether they want to watch the episodes sporadically or all in one sitting.

“It’s almost like instead of picking up a novel you pick up a book of short stories,” she explained.

And don’t fret too much if you missed seeing Stiles on the big screen. The actress said she recently filmed a comedy called “It’s a Disaster” alongside America Ferrera and she has another film project coming up.

Visit www.youtube.com/wigs to watch “Blue.”