Jordin Sparks is rolling with the punches of motherhood.

Speaking to Fox News, the “Tattoo” singer, actress and entrepreneur revealed the biggest adjustments she’s had to make since becoming a mother to her 14-month-old son, Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. — and openly admitted she just doesn’t quite have it quite like she used to.


"My son DJ, he keeps me on my toes. That definitely helps but 'mom brain' is absolutely a thing," Sparks, 29, joked of how she keeps herself mentally up to snuff to deal with an ever-growing toddler. “There are things that I just – I can't remember. Like, I wish I could recall and I'm like 'Why can't I do this anymore, it's crazy.'

“But I definitely think taking time for yourself is very important. Doing things that make you happy, doing things that calm you down and bring you peace and bring you joy definitely help, especially in this crazy world,” she added.

Singer and actress Jordin Sparks, center, plays in the shallow end at Kalahari Resorts with husband Dana Isaiah, left, and their son DJ. (Jordin Sparks/Kalahari Resorts)

The former “American Idol” partnered with Kalahari Resorts & Conventions this summer for #NationalWaterparkDay on July 28 and opened up about the close bond she and her family have shared throughout the years that she hopes to continue in her young family as well.

“Every day there's always something that I'm like, 'Whoa, I wasn't expecting that,' you know. I think the biggest thing was I've always loved kids and I knew that if ever I had the opportunity to become a mother if it happened for me that I knew that I would love it,” Sparks shared. “But I had no idea that I was going to adore it so much.


“He is just the greatest thing but at the same time, with my family it has been very important to have that tight-knit family and also the support,” continued Sparks, adding that since they don’t live near many of their family members, they relish in the outside support they receive from trusted friends and neighbors.

“My mom came out when we went to Kalahari Resorts this past weekend and she's able to come and be with us and my husband's mom will come out and help if we need,” she explained. “His sister, his grandma, like we have a ton of people who are just always offering to be able to help and I mean it's nice to have that because some people aren't as lucky to have family that wants to be there, you know.”

Singer and actress Jordin Sparks at Kalahari Resorts with husband Dana Isaiah, left, their son DJ and Sparks' mother Jodi, right. (Jordin Sparks/Kalahari Resorts)

The Grammy-nominated songstress has taken motherhood in stride, admitting that DJ “teaches me lessons and he shows me areas that I need to work on in myself all the time. And I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

While fostering a healthy bond with your child is paramount in their development and potential success, the same can be said about marriage. So when asked if she and her husband, Dana Isaiah, ever have time to themselves, the “Sparkle” actress said it’s still a tough task, but one that has been occurring more in recent months.


“We've gotten out more in the last couple months now that he's walking and he can talk a little bit and he's eating solid foods – it's a lot easier and less scary to leave him with somebody,” Sparks told us, while also revealing that it was the couple's second wedding anniversary as well.

She continued: “So that's definitely made it a little bit easier and also him having plant-based milks that he drinks so I don't have to be attached to him all the time or be attached to the pump and things like that. So it's definitely helped and it's been nice and now the next step is taking a trip without him.

“We're working our way up,” added Sparks.