Jonas Brothers discuss reason for their infamous 2013 split

The Jonas Brothers have opened up about their sudden breakup years ago and the behavior among the famed brotherly trio that caused the boy band to split.

The brothers — Kevin, 31, Joe, 29 and Nick, 26 — reunited earlier this year after a six-year hiatus, and released their hit-single "Sucker." The group said they disbanded in 2013 after they were seemingly at a breaking point in their relationships with one another.


"We all wanted to create something on our own and were just trying to force it into what was going on," Joe told Billboard in an article published Thursday. "We were going through the motions, without the heart of it."

The second-eldest child added: "The way we communicated to each other wasn’t healthy anymore." In 2016, Joe told Vanity Fair he was seeing a therapist and he "wasn't on speaking terms with my brothers."

Joe added it was Nick who brought up the idea of a split to "focus on different things, like acting and doing music on his own."

And each of the brothers did venture out on their own: Kevin founded his own real estate construction company, Jonas/Werner Custom Homes, and started a family with his wife, Danielle; Joe created popular pop-rock group DNCE, a separate band entirely, and became engaged to "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner; and Nick started a solo career in which he has released three studio albums and an EP, and married former "Quantico" star and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

But Nick, the "Jealous" singer who previously revealed he initiated the split, told Billboard the band is excited for the "second round" of the Jonas Brothers.


“It feels like the second bite of the apple is potentially going to be even bigger, because we’re in a healthy place, we’re enjoying the ride," he told the news outlet. "And I think the music is a reflection of that.”

The Jonas Brothers are set to release a new studio album, "Happiness Begins," on June 7, and said they plan to tour later this year.