You know actor Joel McHale from his shows “The Soup” and “Community.” What you don’t know is what McHale, the new spokesman for Klondike ice cream bars, would do to get his mitts on one. We had him in the FOX411 studios to find out, during which we discussed his romance with Bruce Jenner, the future of "Community," and his expert opinion on Tim Tebow's chances with the New England Patriots.

FOX411: What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Joel McHale: Honestly, they are free now for me. I don’t have to do as much as I used to.  Usually it was jumping onto a car or a motorcycle or something, a bus, elephants.

FOX411:  You speak very candidly about celebrities on “The Soup.” Do they hate you?

McHale: No, no everybody likes me. You know who loves me? Bruce Jenner loves me.

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    FOX411: Did you have a "bromance"?

    McHale: We definitely did not have a bromance. We had a romance.

    FOX411: So no death threats or anything of that nature?

    McHale:  No death threats. Maybe Bruce Jenner would want to kill me, but almost without exceptions every single reality star I’ve ever met has thanked me after I’ve said crazy things about them.

    FOX411:  Are you surprised that your show, “Community,” got picked up for a fourth season?

    McHale:  I’ve been surprised at the end of almost every season that we get picked up.  It’s hard for any show to keep going.  I’m elated now because Dan Harmon is back and he created the show. It’s his show. He knows the show. I’m terribly excited to see what he’s going to come up with.

    FOX411:  How do you feel about Chevy Chase leaving the show?

    McHale:  That was a whole kind of crazy time back in the fall. As he said in numerous interviews he didn’t really like the show. He didn’t really want to be there so that has now happened.

    FOX411: You played tight-end for the Washington Huskies in college. Were you a strong player?

    McHale: I was bad at it, but boy did I practice a lot. I made the defense look terrific. They must have felt, “Wow, we’re going to beat everybody!"  I was on the scout offense which is where you run the plays of the team that you’ve been playing that week against the #1 defense. I joined as a freshmen then I was red-shirted my sophomore year then I started my junior year, then I was like, I’m going to get killed out here.

    FOX411: Do you think that Tim Tebow could become a good TE for the Patriots?

    McHale: The guy’s a super athlete and if he can the ball, if he can hold on to the rock, as they say on sports channels, then he’ll be in really good shape.