Jim Shockey on daughter Eva: She represents hunters so well

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Jim Shockey, host of “Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED” and “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” on Outdoor Channel caught up with FOX411 to reveal how proud he is of his daughter, Eva, who has paved the way for women in the hunting world.

“To be out there in the wild lands with Eva, it just doesn’t get any better,” he gushed. “She is representing hunters so well, she gets it, she understands every aspect of hunting—the spirituality side of it, the biological side, the economic side.”

In 2014, Eva was on the cover of Field and Stream becoming the second woman in history to do so; the first was Queen Elizabeth II.

“She understands it all,” he said continuing to praise his daughter. “I’m really happy to have her representing hunters out there.”

Shockey explained that he believes that one is born a hunter and that not everyone has to love it, but they should appreciate it.

“I think that it is something that is inside of you; I think it is innate, you are born a hunter and you are a hunter,” he shared. “Do I think everybody needs the skills or should learn about the skills? No. Do I think that they should accept that there are hunters and it’s a really important part of wildlife conservation in this world? Absolutely, yes.”

The hunter cleared up a common misconception that prevails over hunting.

“Hunting isn’t just about the killing of the animal,” he said. “That often gets used by the people that don’t like hunting saying well that’s a horrible part of what you do.”

He continued to explain the preparation that goes into each unique hunt.

“The preparation for every hunt, anticipation of every hunt, getting the gear together, just arranging the logistics to go out , that’s all part of it and every hunt has different demands and different parameters that you have to follow,” he said. “Every hunt is unique so there is no one way you can prepare for everything.”

Shockey is thankful that he can relay the message of what he believes hunting to be through his television shows.

“Hunting is—the killing is a tiny part of it—it is the entire process, it’s a lifestyle,” he said.  “I believe in the hunting world we have a greater responsibility and that is to reach into those households with the message of what hunting really is and how important it is and the conservation of these species."