Jim Carrey says he wanted to 'destroy' Hollywood, explains his disappearance from spotlight

Jim Carrey opened up about his hiatus from Hollywood on Wednesday and said his plan was never to join the industry, but to “destroy” it.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Carrey said he faded from the spotlight for years because he just “didn’t want to be in the business anymore.”

“I didn't like what was happening, the corporations taking over and all that. And maybe it's because I felt pulled toward a different type of creative outlet and I really liked the control of painting — of not having a committee in the way telling me what the idea must be to appeal to a four-quadrant whatever,” Carrey said while promoting his new Showtime series “Kidding.”


Carrey appeared in a slew of movies and television shows over the years, but the actor said his role in the 1994 comedy hit “Ace Ventura” was what really stood out. He recalled playing Ace Ventura for a purpose.

"My plan was not to join Hollywood, it was to destroy it," Carrey said. "Like, take a gigantic sledgehammer to the leading man and to all the serious­ness."

The movie, however, propelled his fame — an aspect the 56-year-old claims he didn’t enjoy.

"There's a weightlessness to it," the actor said. "You can dream about it all you want, but until you get it, you don't realize that it's really not a place that's very comfortable for very long."

Carrey has stayed relatively out of the Hollywood spotlight. His recent work included a Netflix special on Andy Kaufman and an appearance on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." He's also put out politically charged paintings that criticize President Trump. Upon his return to television, Carrey said he’s doing it on his own terms.

"I'm not back in the same way," Carrey said. "I don't feel I'm little Jim trying to hang on to a place in the stratosphere anymore — I don't feel like I'm trying to hold on to anything.”