Jessica Simpson gets slammed for wearing pigtails: 'Not age appropriate'

Jessica Simpson sparked major backlash from fans Wednesday when she shared a sneak preview of her new fashion collection.

“Channeling my inner school girl #fall17,” captioned the 37-year-old style mogul.

But despite being decked out in a bedazzled bomber jacket, fishnet stockings and towering heels, viewers paid more attention to her pigtails.

“Not age appropriate,” simply commented one person.

“Pigtails are not for adults!” chimed another.

“Pigtails ? Not flattering at all. Maybe if you were 2 lol,” wrote one.

“You look like a total fool!” added one viewer.

“No, no, no…you are. Beautiful woman…no pigtails please. It is not age appropriate,” claimed one viewer.

While many took issue with the mother of two’s hairdo, others were supportive of the head-turning look.

“Don’t you have more important things to worry about than comment on a hairdo?” chimed one viewer. “Get a life.”

“Love it, you wear it very well, ignore the idiots,” shared a follower.

“I have long admired you & your fashion for years! Don’t listen to the negative! I love the hair keep it fresh & young! Girl, you rock!!!!!” gushed a fan.

“Rock the pigtails and embrace your wild and fun side,” said another viewer. “You look fabulous #womenempowerwomen.”

This isn’t the first time Simpson has gotten in trouble on Instagram. Back in June, Simpson stirred headlines when she posted a photo of her five-year-old daughter Maxwell wearing a bikini and posing with a hand on her hip.

While the former pop star was attempting to encourage “safety first” by featuring Maxwell in a helmet, many viewers were outraged that the mother of two would allow such an image of the child’s attire to go public.