Jenny McCarthy gushes about Donnie Wahlberg: 'I thought for sure I would be going at it alone'

Jenny McCarthy is thankful to have married the love of her life during a time when she was ready to take on the challenges of motherhood alone.

“Donnie [Wahlberg] has been amazing,” the 44-year-old model and actress told Fox News. “I thought for sure I would be going at it alone, like many parents who have kids with autism do, usually 80 percent of them [are] divorced. So the fact that I found the love of my life for me, and [my son] Evan found a stepdad in his life, I feel like I can’t ask for anything else.”

McCarthy was previously married to actor John Asher from 1999 to 2005. They share a son, 15-year-old Evan Joseph Asher. Evan was diagnosed with autism at age two.

McCarthy began dating the former New Kids on the Block member in 2013, and the duo tied the knot in 2014.


“I don’t want anything else,” said McCarthy. “God only gives you things you can handle and I got that. And I was blessed with the love of my life and my son getting better. I can do without asking for anything else.”

Earlier this year, she participated in BTIG’s Charity Day in New York City where she served as a guest stock trader and took calls on the global trading floor to raise funds for Generation Rescue. The organization, where she serves as the foundation’s board president, aims to provide information and “immediate treatment assistance” to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.


McCarthy hopes her experience raising Evan will inspire others to learn about autism and how it impacts everyday families.

“I think so many of us want to judge the screaming toddler in the aisle at the grocery store or the screaming toddler at the restaurant or airplane,” she explained. “And with the rate of autism, which is insane, you never know why that child is screaming."

McCarthy explained that judgement affects more than the children involved.

"To put the blame on the parent and to judge that family — that hurts more than anyone could realize," she said. "If the child could understand a parent saying, ‘be quiet’ or ‘hush, we’re in a public place,’ they would. But they don’t understand what you’re saying. And a lot of times they’re in pain… Don’t rush to judgment.”

McCarthy said her loving relationship with Evan is "a humbling experience.”

While she does enjoy motherhood, don’t expect to read headlines that she is expecting another child.

“Hell no, this uterus is closed!” she said.