Jennifer Lopez’s Breast Gets 15 Minutes of Fame, Debuts on Twitter

Perhaps JLO’s left nip needed some breathing room or wanted 15 minutes of fame on one of Hollywood’s biggest nights.

No matter what the motive was, Jennifer Lopez’s left breast had its own Twitter handle, @JLOsNipple.

Oscars: Jennifer Lopez' Wardrobe Malfunction at Academy Awards

In less than 24 hours, @JLOsNipple got close to 3,000 followers and tons of media attention, including mentions on MTV and USWeekly.

Jennifer Lopez Out and About

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The singer’s now famous body part made a splash online with its first tweet:
“Did you see me?!”

Despite all the close-ups of #nipslip, as Twitter fans are calling it, Lopez’s stylist denies what people saw was a boob.

“The dress fit perfectly to her every inch,” Mariel Haenn tweeted on Monday.

“There were cups built in and there's no chance that there were any, how do you say? 'slips.'"

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So… was it all a conspiracy to “spice up” the Oscars? Did JLO and her entourage of stylists fool everyone for more publicity?

Seems like the joke is on us.

Of course, JLO is no stranger to peek-a-boos and wardrobe mishaps.

Jennifer Lopez's Breast Exposed Due to Wardrobe Malfunction

Last year at the “Wetten dass” Summer Edition event, a concert in Mallorca, Spain, Lopez's left breast took a breather. Joining it was her famed rear, which was exposed as well since the dress had an deep slit in the front.

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