ABC’s “The Gong Show” encourages its judges to utilize the gong, but some take it a bit too far. One such person was Jack Black, who injured himself and came close to injuring others with his enthusiastic rejections.

The star was joined by Will Arnett and Jennifer Aniston to judge some wacky stage performers, and it didn’t take long for the others to realize that Black had a particular propensity for making a show out of hitting the gong once he’d had enough with an act.

One musical act was so egregious that Black jumped up and hit the gong so hard, it ricocheted back and slammed him in the side of the head.

“I gonged that thing so hard, it bounced off, like, my temple and I don’t remember … like, the last 45 seconds. But I remember it was really bad,” he told the performer.

It was obvious that Black was having more fun with the gong than judging, so Arnett and Aniston took to physically holding him back at certain points. However, when one musical couple was so bad that even Arnett was in on the bashing, Black snuck by Aniston and threw the stick at the gong. However, in his enthusiasm, he forgot the lesson he learned previously and the stick almost came back and clocked the “Friends” star right in the head.

“That almost ended tragically,” Black said.

“My life just almost ended,” Aniston, who was fine, joked.