Jaimie Alexander 'embarrassed' by attention 'that dress' got


"Thor: The Dark World" star Jaime Alexander revisited her now-famous red-carpet turn last summer in a dress that showed off just about everything, saying is now embarrassed with her fashion choice.

"You know, I am embarrassed to say it, but I think I was a little bit naïve. I had no idea it would get that much press. I swear on my life, I had no idea," she told Yahoo at the Pathway to the Cures for Breast Cancer: A Fundraiser Benefiting Susan G. Komen. "I have four brothers. I'm a sporty girl. I'm not someone who is provocative. But I love fashion, and that dress — to me — was superhero-ish."

Alexander, 30, said she was a little "naive" about fashion as she grew up with four brothers, is an athlete, and was never much for dressing up.

"I also embrace the fact that I'm healthy and I work out, and I love my body," she added. "Nothing on my body is fake. I am an A cup, I am flat-chested, and I love it."

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The other reason she chose the dress?

It covered up all 10 of her tattoos.

But that was about it.

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