Jada Pinkett Smith reveals she 'had to pull a knife' on an 'aggressive' ex-boyfriend

In the latest episode of Jada Pinkett Smith's online series, "Red Table Talk," the actress opened up about her past involvement in an "emotionally abusive" relationship which she said drove her to pull out a knife on a former boyfriend.

On Monday, Smith tackled the topic of abusive relationships in an episode of "Red Table Talk" called "Domestic Abuse: When Loves Turns Violent."

“I’ve definitely been in relationships that have been emotionally abusive,” Smith shared. She later spoke about learning from her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, that she had been abused by the star's father in the past. “I think emotional violence is really prevalent.”

The "Girls Trip" star then turned to her mother and asked, “You remember that one incident I had with that one guy I was dating where I had to pull a knife out on him?”

Smith explained that after a date night with her then-boyfriend, they got into the car to drive home but the ride wasn't exactly a smooth one.

“He started getting really aggressive in the car. Thank goodness I knew where I was and I knew how to get out of the car and get to the house,” she recalled. “I ran to the house. I had to take my clothes off, take off my heels. I always travel with a black Russell hoodie and black Russell sweats.”

Smith continued, “I remember jumping in that sweatsuit, grabbing a big ol’ knife from the kitchen and hiding in his son’s room. I’ll never forget.”

The star said she nervously waited as she heard her boyfriend enter the house from the back door.

“I heard him. I came out of his son’s bedroom and I was at the bottom of the hallway. I was like, ‘Don’t come near me,'” she said. “He said the quintessential line you hear in movies all the time, ‘You think I would hurt you? I would never do that to you.'”

Smith ended the story by saying at the time, she knew she was "in trouble."

Though the mother of Willow and Jayden Smith didn't fully explain how that dangerous night ended, she explained that director Spike Lee had a heavy hand in how the relationship ended.

“Spike Lee saved me from that one,” she said. “Spike had been calling me about 'Girl 6.' I used Spike as an excuse to get on that plane and [her ex-boyfriend] said right then and there, ‘I’ll never see you again, will I?'”

Smith concluded, “I got on that plane and he never saw me again."