Doug Reinhardt sure is whipped over Paris Hilton - it seems he’ll do anything she says. Reinhardt turned up to Heidi Klum’s Halloween party at new West Hollywood hotspot Voyeur (which was complete with contortionists and walking corpses) on Saturday dressed almost exactly the same as his blonde lover -  a white tulle dress, white top and fairy wings. He even copied her every move as she stood up on tables and whirled around waving her arms. Oh and it wasn't only once that he channeled Miss Hilton’s look, but twice folks!

The night before Hilton hosted her own Halloween bash in which she dressed demurely as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” - and so did Mr. Reinhardt. Charming.

Meanwhile the rest of the Hilton family (including mom Kathy and Dad Rick who went as a police officer and Hugh Hefner-esque robe/slippers man respectively) partied the night away at Sin City’s PURE nightclub where Nicky Hilton went dressed as Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” complete with a Chanel handbag and Christian Louboutin pumps (which are hardly a far cry from her usual day-to-day wear.)

However Hilton and Reinhardt weren’t the only two lovebirds that matched up at the Klum soiree. Party hosts Heidi & Seal were virtually unrecognizable as crows with extra long beaks and oodles of feathers (good way to hide Heidi’s baby weight seeing as though she just had fourth a couple of weeks ago! Her face was also painted black so she was impossible to recognize) while Kelly Osbourne and her fiancé DJ Luke Worrall went as bacon and eggs and Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox emerged as gangster vampires.

Strangely enough, the normally “out there” Borat/Bruno/Ali G funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen kept a low profile throughout the evening and hid away behind a “Hillary Clinton “ mask - hmmm, could she be the next victim of his spoofs?

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Pop Tarts also spotted Jessica Alba (cartoon character "Dora the Explorer") and hubby Cash Warren (Diego) sneaking through the back entrance, as did Queen Latifah who went as an intriguing Japanese sensei. Other guests included "DWTS" dancers Maksim Chmerkovskiy who lapped up the pap attention outside and Derek Hough who combined superman and Clark Kent, snake-lady Selita Ebanks and hippie-lovin’ Cisco Adler.