‘Innocence of Muslims’ Actress Refiles Copyright Lawsuit Against YouTube

Cindy Lee Garcia will fight until she can fight no more.

The “Innocence of Muslims” actress continues her fight in the courts so that YouTube takes down the 14-minute anti-Muslim clip, which sparked violence in the Middle East and possibly an attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others. Violence related to the film has since spread, killing dozens more.

Garcia’s legal battles against the producer of the film, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, are also in full swing, as she claims she was duped by the makers of “Innocence of Muslims" and her copyright violated when Nakoula, who has since gone into hiding, posted the trailer on YouTube.

On Thursday The Hollywood Reporter stated that Garcia’s lawyer Chris Armenta has been in touch with Nakoula’s defense team, asking if Nakoula has decided to accept the settlement offer.

The filmmaker’s lawyer told Armenta that Nakoula does not own the rights to the film. Now Armenta is once again urging YouTube to remove the controversial clip.

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"I have just been informed by Nakoula's attorney that Nakoula...DOES NOT OWN the rights to the film and will not claim copyright ownership on the rights to the film," wrote Armenta. "We believe it is YouTube's burden to identify the correct copyright holder, in light of Garcia's allegations that she owns the rights to her dramatic performance."

At a hearing in Los Angeles two weeks ago, an attorney for Google --owner of YouTube-- said the company shouldn't be responsible for what transpired between Garcia and the filmmakers. Armenta said it's unclear whether Google had contacted Nakoula to determine why he hasn't removed the film.

The Hollywood Reporter says the actress has re-filed her lawsuit in federal court after a California judge said YouTube does not have to take down the clip.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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