Cindy Lee Garcia feels like the joke is on her.

Garcia, who has a role in the controversial low-budget film titled “Innocence of Muslims,” which has sparked riots against the U.S. in the Middle East and may have prompted the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, says she is outraged that the movie was digitally manipulated to show anti-Islam and anti-Muslim hate.

“The actors were deceived,” Garcia told The Hollywood Reporter. “My voice was dubbed, and it wasn’t even my voice. I had no idea he did that until the trailer came out. My only part was the role of a mother talking to her husband, her daughter and this man named Master George.”

In the film, Garcia plays the mother of a 12-year-old girl who is set to marry Prophet Muhammad.

Garcia is heard insulting Muhammad, asking her husband if Muhammad was "a child molester” because her “daughter is but a child, and he’s 55 years old.”

“I have the full script of what I said. They were saying, "Praise God, praise God," because my daughter was going to be given in marriage to this man called Master George by my husband,” Garcia added. “So I mocked him for worshipping this man. They dubbed "Master George" to say ‘Muhammad."

The prophet is widely revered by Muslims and any depiction of him is considered highly offensive. Negative portrayals of Muhammed is taken personally and tends to trigger angry riots.

The ambassador and four Americans were killed last Tuesday following furor over the film.

Garcia said that she joined the project after the writer of the film, Sam Bacile, aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, offered her the part.

Garcia, who tells THR that she had just lost her job babysitting her own grandchildren, got the casting call and was impressed when she saw “a lot of big names there” of famous “producers and directors.”

She says that they told her the film was named “Desert Warrior,” and that it was an action flick taking place in  the desert over 2,000 years ago.

But after seeing the release of the 14-minute trailer on YouTube, where the Islam prophet Mohammed is shown in a negative light as a womanizer, murderer, thief and gay man, Garcia says she felt sickened.

“It repulses me,” Garcia said in the interview with THR.“I can’t even watch it.”

“I called him [Sam Bacile] the morning that all this violence broke out in Libya,” Garcia continued. “He said to say that he’s the writer and he did it because he’s tired of radical Muslims attacking innocent people and that he was from Israel.”

Garcia says the she learned the FBI is investigating Bacile and that she is looking to press charges.

“I have an attorney helping me,” said Garcia. “I’m concerned for my family and my husband who I love very much. I can’t be around my family right now because of their fears.”

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