Hugh Jackman treated for skin cancer three times this year

Hugh Jackman was treated for skin cancer for the third time in a year, his rep told Us Weekly.

Jackman, 46, was recently diagnosed with his third basal cell carcinoma in 12 months. The actor previously had treatments in November and then May.

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"I'll have at least one more but probably many more, which is not uncommon for an Aussie, particularly from English stock growing up in Australia where I don't remember ever being told to put sunscreen on," he told The Associated Press in May. "But the beauty of this is it's all preventable, it's just about getting proper check-ups. I can be [a] typical man, a little lazy, I couldn't be bothered and now I'm not lazy at all."

The "Wolverine" star was seen over the weekend wearing a bandage over his nose where the carcinoma had been removed.

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