Hilary Duff is loving being a new mom of two.

Speaking to Fox News, the “Younger” star opened up about how her life has changed since welcoming daughter Banks almost two months ago.

“I love it, but also, I am so tired!” Duff, 31, admitted. “But it’s amazing. She’s so dreamy. I call her juicy fruit now – she’s chunking out a little.”

The actress also couldn’t be more thankful that her 6-year-old son Luca is such a great big brother.

“He always has his hands on her cheeks and kissing her,” Duff gushed. “He’s really sweet. Honestly, it’s like she’s always been there, and I was really nervous because there’s such a big age gap and it's been just us for such a long time.

“He really wasn’t that excited when I told him that I was pregnant," she recalled, adding that she remembered thinking to herself: "'Oh no this is going to be tough.'"

Luckily, Luca “warmed up to the idea" as Duff's pregnancy went on.

“When I had her it was just like a chemical reaction,” she explained of her little man, whom she shares with ex Mike Comrie.  “He knows that’s his sister and he has to take care of her. [There’s] not a jealous bone in his body. It’s so sweet.”

As for the hardest part of becoming a family of four? Duff said that the “5 o’clock hour is a little more difficult” than she initially thought it would be.

“It’s just full on. The extra hands that I have during the day, everyone leaves at 5, so once 5 is on, it’s like homework, and bath time for both kids, and trying to get dinner on the table, and still trying to play, and still trying to feed.

“It’s like everything all at once,” she explained. “But other than that it's great and I feel that since I am a second-time mom, I’m a lot less concerned about everything that happens.”

It also makes it easier that her baby girl, who she welcomed on October 25th with boyfriend Matthew Koma, is a great “road dog.”

“I have to go and be places for Luca, and I can’t leave her because I’m the food source, so she just kind of comes, and she’s great.”

Even though the new mom of two has a lot on her plate, she still makes sure to find the time for a cause close to her heart – raising funds and awareness for pups in need.

“We have two dogs that I’ve rescued from Love Leo Rescue – Lucy and Momo – and they are such an important part of our family,” Duff explained to us during the Love Leo Rescue’s 1st Annual Cocktails for a Cause event at Rolling Greens Nursery in Los Angeles.

“If we can raise money to help any way we can – the dogs need surgeries, housing – it all goes to a good cause, and anything I can do to help obviously I’m there for [Sasha Abelson] who started Love Leo.”

Duff also revealed one other project she hopes to one day be working on: a “Lizzie McGuire” reboot.

“It’s in very new stages,” the actress, who starred as McGuire in the Disney series, shared. “There’s been a lot of creative talk.”

Although it’s been 14 years since fans last saw Lizzie and her pals Miranda and Gordo on the small screen, Duff couldn’t be more thrilled about the possibility of it coming back.

(From left) Adam Lamberg as David 'Gordo' Gordon, Lalaine as Miranda Sanchez and Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire.

(From left) Adam Lamberg as David 'Gordo' Gordon, Lalaine as Miranda Sanchez and Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire. (Disney)

“I think the timing hasn’t been right,” Duff noted. "I'm excited at the prospect of it.

“[Lizzie McGuire] was important to so many people, including me, if she can be important again to girls in this stage of their lives, I think that would be amazing.”