Kim Russo has been called the best medium of this side of the other world. The star of Lifetime’s, “Haunting Of,” joined us in the FOX411 studio to discuss the show’s third season and her new show on LMN, “Psychic Intervention.”

FOX411: Which celebrity had the craziest ghost encounter that you’ve experienced?
Russo: One of the most unusual experiences was with Coco Austin. She had a ghost that was physically into her, that’s not your typical.

FOX411: Are we joined by any spirits on set today?
Kim Russo: There always is. It’s a matter of me listening to that world or not, so I choose to listen to you right now. It’s very selective for me.

FOX411: How do you control that gift?
Russo: It’s just like in life. You choose to listen to who you want to, and who gets your attention the most. Some spirits are really, really anxious, and they’re really persistent even if I’m not listening they will make sure I hear them, and when they do that I give them my full attention because it takes a lot of energy for them to get my attention.

FOX411: When did you discover your gift?
Russo: I was really, really young. It goes back probably to the age of nine from what I can remember, but I really didn’t start learning about how to use my gift until my late twenties. I had three children, and was busy raising babies, and after my third one was born things started happening that I couldn’t explain; off the charts.

FOX411: When a spirit presents itself to you, how does it appear?
Russo: If the spirit is Earth-bound or trapped, I have a better chance of seeing them like an apparition, pretty much like I’m looking at you. If they are in the light, and they have crossed over, and they were met by their loved ones and their guides usually it’s audible, or I will see them in my mind’s eye, and I will hear them and I will feel them.

FOX411: Tell us about your new show, “Psychic Intervention,” what can audiences expect?
Russo: That’s a deep, powerful, emotional show. I really connect with people on a soul level. Their loved ones come through from the other side, spirit guides, whoever really has the ability to weigh in to help this person. I don’t ever question the source of help. I just deliver the messages that the person so needs to hear.

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