Gwen Stefani flirts, heats things up on 'The Voice'

Chris Blue and R.J. Collins of Team Alicia duked it out in the battle rounds on Tuesday's "The Voice," and things got a little unexpectedly flirtatious between Gwen Stefani and the two hopefuls.

After the pair delivered a stirring performance of Miguel's "Adorn," it was apparent that both singers had talent, but Chris was the clear standout. But when it came time for the coaches to give some feedback, Gwen had a hard time focusing on the actual vocals.

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"Chris, you let yourself completely get absorbed into the music, almost as an out-of-body experience," she marveled. "I don't even know if I was listening to your voice because I was so mesmerized by your body."

This was not a comment that Adam Levine or Stefani's boyfriend and fellow coach, Blake Shelton, were going to let go of right away.

"Hey! What the-?" Blake said, giving a jokingly angry glare at "The Voice" hopeful.

"I'm sorry Blake," Chris said, laughing.

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As Gwen tried to backpedal with an explanation as to what she meant, Levine shot back, "It's hard to talk your way out of that one."

Shelton decided to rib the singer.

"What's your problem man?" he asked from his chair.

"I don't want any trouble," Chris defensively replied while laughing. "I don't have any problem."

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And it wasn't just Chris that Gwen seemed to be stunned by. Speaking with his competitor, the No Doubt frontwoman said, "R.J., I did not know you were 18 years old. I mean, you look like a man, ya know?"

"Once again, here we go," Levine quipped.

When it came to feedback, Shelton said that, while both singers did an admirable job, he could already feel that Chris had what it takes to make it to the finals. It was a suggestion that might have been motivated by the fact that he wanted Chris to win the round so Stefani couldn't snag him for her team.

"By the way, I hope you're not available to steal, because I'd probably lose my girlfriend," Shelton joked.

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Before fellow coach Alicia Keys weighed in with her final decision, Gwen made it clear she wanted more.

"I wanna see it again!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, I'm sure you do," Adam joked.

"That is enough!" Blake yelled.

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Eventually, Chris ended up winning the battle round while R.J. was eliminated.