Guy named Dan Tran tells worst 'Jeopardy!' story ever

Each contestant on the popular game show "Jeopardy!" is traditionally afforded the opportunity by host Alex Trebek early in the program to share something interesting about him or herself. Perhaps he or she collects coins, raises funds to train rat armies, weaves kelpen oven mitts ... you know the deal.

One of Monday night's challengers, however, a Boston-based physics major with the name "Dan Tran," wasted said opportunity with what could have been the lamest "Jeopardy!" anecdote ever.

Tran recounted the following scene from his misbegotten youth.

“So when I was a senior in high school, I took French in high school, we went on an exchange trip, and we arrived incredibly jet-lagged," Tran began. "No cappuccino could really save us in that regard. And, uh, during an open air tour bus tour in Paris, I looked up and said to my friend: ‘Hey, you know, the moon looks pretty bright tonight/today.’ And um, they just turned to me, like, ‘Dan, that’s not the moon, that’s the sun.' And I was like, no guys it's the sun.’ But um, but then you know it turned out it was actually the sun and not the moon, and I still confuse it nowadays."

Trebek then graciously offered Tran a witty rejoinder should he ever tell the story again ... and moved on to contestant No. 3.

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    Amazingly, Tran tied for first Monday night (with the guy on the left), and will be competing on 'Jeopardy' again Tuesday night.

    Which means another story!