Grammy Bites: Kobe Bryant Gives Justin Bieber Advice; Attacked by Britney Spears Fans

Despite losing out on the night's Best Newcomer Grammy, Justin Bieber is still the world's reigning pop prince right now. But when he’s not making music (or hanging out with “friend” Selena Gomez), he’s indulging in another passion: basketball.

“I’d really like to see Carmelo Anthony go to the L.A Lakers,” Bieber told FOX411’s Pop Tarts last week at the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie “Never Say Never.”

And he’s even gleaned some words of wisdom from the ever-controversial, Kobe Bryant.

“Kobe is a good guy and he told me not to take any crap from anybody,” Bieber added.

Okey dokey.


Black Eyed Peas” sensation, who is currently in the studio working on a highly-anticipated collaboration with Britney Spears, was recently attacked by the singer's “army” over a social networking miscommunication.

“I went in the studio with her, (then) I was in the LA Signal conference to talk about marketing and new technology and some publicists came up to me and noticed I was tweeting. The publicist said, ‘oh do you tweet yourself because I can get you a tweet assistant.’ I was like ‘tweet assistant!? Who uses a tweet assistant?!’ I never even heard of that so I tweeted ‘Aww man this lady asked me if I wanted a tweet assistant.’ So the Britney army thought I was talking about Britney,” he said. “But I’ve seen Britney tweet in the studio. So they thought I was talking about Britney. I’m like ‘Yo!!! I’m not even talking about her’ they just hit me up…”

And although Spears’s fans might have launched something of an attack on the Black Eyed Peas, it hasn’t made him think any less of the superstar herself.

“Britney is the sweetest person, so sweet, so excited about music and I can’t wait till the people hear it, but the Britney army? That’s amazing to have that kind of army. I’ve never even seen something like that."

On the note of pop princesses, he also defended Christina Aguilera’s mangled “Star Spangled Spanner” from last weekend’s Super Bowl.

“I think she did well, so she mumbled. You’ve seen her do it really good when the Lakers beat the Celtics. I think people are bored and don’t know what to talk about,” he said. “What about the mumbling on funds to get kids educated? That’s something to talk about, not Christina Aguilera."