Reality TV personality Gia Allemand died on Wednesday, two days after an apparent suicide attempt. A contestant on Season 14 of "The Bachelor," Allemand had several friends from the long-running series. And while her unexpected death left many of her fans in shock, some of her friends from the reality TV world tell FOX411 that Allemand was a troubled beauty wrestling with insecurities.

"I could tell there was some insecurity going. I was not 100 percent surprised. Nothing surprises me anymore," said Reid Rosenthal, a contestant on Season 6 of 'The Bachelor" who was friends with Allemand. "I don’t know what she needed out of life. It’s sad. The last I heard we were supposed to be at an event this Thursday together."

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TV host Brian McFayden, who knew Allemand from several reality TV events they attended together, said Allemand was "a beautiful girl" who was plagued with insecurity.

"She was looking for love. She was lost," McFayden said. "You met her and you can tell she was looking for attention from guys."

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Jesse Csincsak from "The Bachelorette" Season 4, said Allemand "got a full facial rebuild before she went on the show. She had demons. I don’t where that comes from.”

But Csincsak, like the others, said there was something special about Allemand that drew people to her.

"We used to travel together a lot; three trips with her in Atlantic City, Miami, and Philly together," he said. "Literally everyone that met her loved her.She didn’t have to look for attention from guys, guys came to her."

And Allemand's friend, actor Jason London, told FOX411: “Her last Twitter post was a Bible verse. She was so full of life and love. The last time my wife and I saw her, she just met her with boyfriend, and they were crazy about each other and she was moving to Louisiana to be with him. She was one of the two or three girls on the planet who could get me to dance. She had that pull about her. She was impossible to say no to.”