George Clooney is known to be a pretty calm, collected guy who never loses temper – well, almost.

“I never get mad. But I do I get mad at Stan (Rosenfield, his long-time publicist) sometimes but what I do is hit him,” Clooney joked to Tarts at the Los Angeles Premiere of “Up in the Air” on Monday night. “I hit him with a golf club the other day…you heard about that?”

Yes George, we’re sure Tiger Woods is amused by that one.

It seems Clooney is actually quite the jokester and his co-stars can attest to his great sense of humor and his uncanny ability to imitate his fellow Hollywood colleagues.

“My favorite memory was George doing impressions of Billy Bob Thornton in ‘Sling Blade’,” his co-star and romantic interest in the film, Vera Farmiga said. “In fact Billy Bob Thornton was miscast. It should have been George. It’s pretty wild.”

But Clooney’s impression weren’t all that Farmiga found herself excited about – she told Fox she is thrilled and grateful for the buzz.

“It’s a nice pat on the back,” she said.

Meanwhile the film’s writer/director Jason Reitman was pretty pumped not only for the “Up in the Air” premiere taking place but the very significant flight he was to take the following day.

“I’m going to Houston tomorrow. I’m showing the movie to our ex President George H. W. Bush. I’m very excited,” Reitman told Tarts. “He’s the first President I’m going to meet, I’m so excited. I heard that he’s a movie fan and that he might want to see it, so I asked if I could introduce the movie and they said ‘yes, he’d dig that’. I thought wow; I get to meet a President. That’s almost a reason to make a movie in itself.”

So what does Reitman plan to ask the man that once ran the country?

“Nothing,” he responded. “I just want to be in his presence.”