The cast of the Netflix reboot of “Full House,” “Fuller House,” finally took home an award Wednesday night when they won Favorite Premium Comedy Series at the People’s Choice Awards. This was the first award for the show since the premiere of “Full House” back in 1987.

Jodie Sweetin told FOX411 before the win what an honor it was to be nominated.

“It’s a huge honor to be nominated for an award show that is all about the fans which are the people that have kept us going for 30 years and really loved this show, loved the original series and now love ‘Fuller House.’”

“Fuller House” was initially skewered by critics but it quickly earned a second season when fans binge-watched the Netflix reboot.

“Having the fans really love you has been a huge measure of success because critics can love you but they're a much smaller group, but it’s always nice when the critics and the fans love you,” Sweetin mused. “The fans are what keep television shows going for a long period of time.”

Co-star Bob Saget said he feels like the show has been a success.

“Success is when you do something you feel fulfilled by and real success is when you love yourself and when you have family that supports you,” he said. “Success is when you get to do what you want to do with people that you love.”

But politics was also on the minds of the cast ahead of their big night. Andrea Barber spoke about the upcoming transition of power with President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday.

“I think this weekend will illustrate the importance of having comedic relief… people need to laugh,” she said. “They need some sort of relief or release from the pressure or divide that we have been feeling over the last few months. We need to laugh and that is what our show is about, it’s about laughter and family and loving each other despite our differences. That is what our country needs.”

The cast walked the carpet together in an array of fashion that didn't sit well with some style watchers. AOL put the cast on their worst dressed list, as did the Daily Mail and Perez Hilton. Still, they proudly posed for pics after their win with their shiny, new People's Choice Award.