FNM Exclusive: MAGIC! Singer Nasri Explains Sexy New Single, Tells Us What It's Like Writing for Bieber

Now that he's sung about marrying his girlfriend against her "Rude" father's wishes, singer/songwriter Nasri has something else on his mind: her red dress.

Nasri and his bandmates in the reggae group MAGIC! have just released their sophomore album "Primary Colours," which has already produced the infectious hit "Lay You Down Easy" with Sean Paul. But more recently, they've also released the sexy new single "Red Dress" — and like "Rude," it concerns another subject his ladyfriend's father probably doesn't want to hear about.

"'Red Dress' is a song about a guy leading on his lady to get ready," Nasri tells Fox News Magazine in an exclusive interview. "She takes forever, and then once she's ready, she looks so great that he wants to take her clothes off."

But it's not just a simple song about sex, explains Nasri. "The message is, it's not about the dress, it's about the girl," he explains. "He loves her … They go to dinner, and he's still so attracted to her in that moment — not because of the dress, but because she's so confident in that dress, you know?"

And it's no wonder "Red Dress" is as catchy as it is. Nasri is an accomplished songwriter as well, having penned tunes for everyone from Shakira to Christina Aguilera, and even for Justin Bieber.

"I had a great time working for Justin," says Nasri. "Justin's just very easy-going, you know? He wants the best album possible, and he works really hard. Like, he'll record a hundred songs to get to his 12 [best.]"

For more from Nasri, including a look at the look at MAGIC!'s latest singles and videos, be sure to watch the rest of his FNM interview above.