FNM Exclusive: Justin Moore Compares His Home Life to 'Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen'

Justin Moore once wanted a son to carry on his name, but nowadays he kinda doesn't care.

"There was probably a window of time when I thought I was missing out on something by not having a boy, but not anymore," says the singer, who is raising three young daughters with his wife Kate. "My girls are awesome."

Awesomeness aside, Moore admits that his kids can also be a constant source of drama — especially when their personalities start clashing.

"It's like swimming around in a sea of estrogen," Moore quips in his exclusive interview with FNM. "There's always drama. It's always [like] one's crying, one's slapping one, one's pushing one down. But it's awesome," he reiterates. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Even still, we're beginning to understand why Moore sings about needing a stiff drink every once in a while:

Watch the rest of Moore's interview above to find out about his favorite family activities, then stay tuned to hear about his deep fondness for Waffle House.