FNM Exclusive: 'Blue Bloods' Actor Steve Schirripa Never Thought He'd Play a 'Good Guy' (or Eat Sauce From a Jar)

Most of us know Steve Schirripa from his turn as wise-guy Bobby Baccalieri on "The Sopranos," which makes his new character on "Blue Bloods" even more of a pleasant surprise.

"I play a D.A. investigator," Schirripa tells FNM in his exclusive interview with Fox News Magazine. "Finally, I play a good guy!"

Shirripa is exaggerating a bit; his previous characters on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" and even "The Sopranos" have always been good (at least at heart). But with D.A. Anthony Abetemarco, he's safely on the right side of the law.

"I feel very honored," adds Schirripa. "It's a well-written show, and they wrote me a great role. And I'm enjoying it immensely."

Here's another role Schirripa never thought he'd play: the founder of his own line of Uncle Steve's jarred pasta sauces.

"I'm not a jar-sauce guy," says Schirripa, who started Uncle Steve's in honor of his mother (and using his mother's recipes). "I don't think I ever tasted a jar sauce until I went into the business."

Nevertheless, Schirripa stands by his product, and even makes us a promise (or perhaps an offer) we can't refuse: "If you did not know it came out of a jar, there's no way you would know."

Watch the rest of Schirripa's interview above for more, then be sure to tune in for "Blue Bloods," airing Friday nights at 10 p.m. on CBS.