Female World Cup reporter gets apology from Russian man who assaulted her on live TV

A Russian soccer fan has apologized for groping and kissing a female World Cup correspondent while during a live broadcast.

On Friday, the Russian World Cup-goer made a public apology to Colombian journalist Julieth Gonzalez for inappropriately interrupting her live TV segment, according to New Delhi news outlet NDTV.

"I offer you most profound apologies," he told the journalist in a video call that was shown on Deutsche Welle, the German station Gonzalez worked for. "I acted carelessly and did not think that I would cause you confusion and shock."

While reporting from a city square in Saransk, Russia, Gonzalez was interrupted by the man who jumped into her frame and grabbed her chest while planting a kiss on her cheek.

The eager World Cup fan went on to explain in his apology that he had placed a bet with a friend that he could kiss the reporter on the cheek and decided to surprise her while she was on-air. He the then mentioned that his intention was to grab Gonzalez's shoulders but "missed a little."

But the journalist didn't let the awkward incident throw her off her game. Gonzalez maintained her composure and continued on with her live segment after the man left the shot.

Following the incident, Gonzalez took to social media to condemn the fan's abrupt actions.

“We do not deserve this treatment,” Gonzalez posted on Instagram with the footage of her report. “We are equally valuable and professionals. I share the joy of football, but we must identify the limits of affection and harassment.”

According to NDTV, the correspondent accepted the apology and said she was ready to move on from the incident.