Experts: Chris Brown's popularity hard to fathom in light of his behavior

Chris Brown can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

The pop star bad boy allegedly got into scuffle with Frank Ocean’s crew at a recording studio on Sunday.

Reports vary as to who threw the first punch, but Frank Ocean may not be able to perform at the Grammys due to injuries he received during the brawl.

Regardless of who started the fight, could the public finally be done with Brown, who was convicted of assault when he beat his girlfriend Rihanna, and has been involved in several other skirmishes since?

“Every time that something has happened in the news where Chris Brown has been violent, I’ve been thinking to myself, “Well, that’s it, that’s the end of Chris Brown. We’re definitely not going to hear about him anymore,'" said Dorothy Cascerceri, a Senior Editor at In Touch magazine. "Then, he pops up at award shows, constantly on talk shows. I mean his star has not fallen at all.”

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But Cascerceri said that should Chris Brown attend the Grammys after his recent incident, it would take away from the musicians who deserve the attention more.

“The Grammys is definitely one of the most prestigious events in music," Cascerceri said. "It’s one of the most important nights for musicians around the world and for someone like Chris Brown to be there and to be reportedly performing ... it’s kind of a slap in the face to the rest of the musicians that are really deserving of the awards and the attention."

Josh Robertson from The Smoking also said Brown should not go, mostly  in order to avoid questioning by the press.

“If I were Chris Brown I would think of just not going unless there’s some sort of proof that exonerates me. If these same questions are still lingering, the way they’re lingering right now, I just might not go because it’s going to be the subject of conversation just remove yourself from it," he said. "They’re going to talk about you either way but if you’re not there maybe they’ll move onto something else other than dwell on it all night long."

The Grammys notwithstanding, is there any chance Brown's bad behavior will eve impact his popularity?

“You know his followers on Twitter and his fans they say some of the strangest things. After he performed at the Grammys [last time], some of them tweeted along the lines of, 'Chris Brown can beat me anytime,'” Cascerceri said. "I mean the people that Chris Brown has attracted intro his, you know, group, it’s really questionable as to what these people think about domestic violence and what these people think about anger and certainly there’s plenty of women out there who gravitate toward a guy that is the bad boy that has a rough and tough image."

Including Rihanna herself apparently, who admitted to Rolling Stone this week that the two are dating, saying if its a mistake, its hers to make.

Robertson also finds the attraction hard to rationalize.

“I can’t really look into the mind of a Chris Brown fan. I don’t know what they’re thinking at this point. How are they sticking with this guy after the things that have happened?" he said. "Obviously they are very forgiving people and they look past a lot of blemishes. So it’s hard to say whether anything would really get them and detour them from buying his records and liking him as an artist."