EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'Bering Sea Gold' rivals' nasty fight turns bloody

Discovery's smash hit show 'Bering Sea Gold' is getting ugly.

On Friday night's episode, Wild Ranger captain Scott Meisterheim and deckhand Steve Riedel's long-simmering distaste for one another finally boils over.

We got an exclusive clip of their fight, plus Meisterheim and Riedel each gave us their take on the brouhaha.

Whose side are you on in this he said/he said?

Wild Ranger Deckhand Steve Riedel

I was at the house to help process the concentrates (the sand and gravel and gold that is in the sluice box). I showed up, and Scott ripped into me in anger right away. I was baffled. He seemed to be wound up all on his own. He never gave me any idea why he was so mad at me.  Here are some of my personal thoughts as to why he was possibly so mad at me, based on the whole Summer:

1) He wanted me to react in anger, so he might have good reason to fire me.

2) He was jealous of me and wanted me out ( I have 10 years of experience as a mariner on my family's sailboat, and running a skiff on Kachemak Bay in Homer. Scott has no maritime experience. We have the same diving experience.)

3) Up until that time, and still to this time, I have mined more gold that Scott has. (I was very fortunate that I had two weeks of lessons at the beginning of last Summer learning how to find gold from Zeke (from The Clark), who has four seasons of mining. Scott had the Ranger looking for gold in places both Jason and I knew did not have gold, and we were right. Scott would not take suggestions from us on how to find gold. On The Clark, Zeke's boat, and later on a different boat I leased, I found far more gold than the Wild Ranger did under Scott's captaincy.

Wild Ranger Captain Scott Meisterheim

When I got home that night, Steve was in the house, and I made several demands for him to get out. He informed me that the only way he was leaving was if Vern told him to leave.

At that point, after being aggravated by this stupid f**k for so many months, I had but only two choices: hurt myself or hurt Steve.

So I went outside and kicked the plywood off the sawhorses ... but it didn't alleviate any tension.  If it hadn't been for the welder sitting there for me to punch; I believe I would have headed back to punch Steve.

He is a lucky, lucky guy!