"Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson rocked the runway for designer Sherri Hill at New York Fashion Week on Feb. 19. The 17-year-old chatted with FOX411 about her rumored engagement, how modesty and fashion can get along, and what's next for her after "Dancing with the Stars."

FOX411: Is there any truth to the rumor you could be getting engaged soon?
Robertson: Oh my word! Ok, so everyone thinks I'm engaged. I'm not engaged. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for like a year and two months now so we're definitely in love I guess you could say, but we're not engaged. Actually my brother's getting married now so we're going to let him do his thing and maybe in the future.

FOX411: Why is it so important to you to encourage young girls to dress modestly?
Robertson: It's important to me because whenever I came into the fame and spotlight I’ve always been a Christian and I knew that I was going to carry that out no matter where I am in life. And so I really wanted it to be something that I can share my message, and modesty kind of became my thing. That was something I could speak freely about and openly about, and lead by example.

FOX411: You have had a long standing relationship with Sherri Hill. Why do you keep working together?
Sadie Robertson: Sherri Hill is kind of like a family like 'Duck Dynasty.' Not many people know, but her work place is all her family. Her son works for her, her daughter works for her and they're also Christians. So, it's a really good partnership that we have and we actually have a lot in common.

FOX411: How's your brother John Luke's wedding planning going?
Robertson: They're great! I'm so excited! We actually just got our bridesmaids dresses so I'm super excited about that and the wedding is in June. So, it's coming up!

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FOX411: What’s up next for you?
Robertson: That's a popular question right now. You know, there's a lot of things, a lot of meetings, a lot of talk. We'll just have to see. We'll leave that one up in the air.