'Duck Dynasty'-themed Uncle Si scarecrow stolen, burned in Georgia town

A carefully crafted scarecrow modeled to look like “Duck Dynasty” star Uncle Si was stolen and burned by a Georgia teenager.

The teen was arrested for the theft of the scarecrow, which was constructed by a group of parents of fourth graders at Ball Ground Elementary School. The Robertson-themed scarecrow was a popular entry in the area’s first scarecrow contest.

City Manager Eric Wilmarth told the Cherokee Tribune that the teen who stole the scarecrow was from Canton, Ga.

“He was just passing through downtown Ball Ground and thought Uncle Si was pretty cool and wanted him. [He] just didn’t think about the consequences, and I am sure didn’t think there would be so much publicity,” Wilmarth said. “The young man has expressed remorse — he is sorry for what he did — it’s just one of those things you can’t back up and undo.”

The city initially offered a $1,000 reward for information about the scarecrow’s whereabouts.

Ball Ground Police Chief Bryon Reeves explained that the teen got nervous after stealing the scarecrow and decided to burn it to get rid of it.

Doug Knott, the principal of Ball Ground Elementary School, said the scarecrow will be missed.

“Long before Uncle Si’s disappearance and unfortunate demise, the Ball Ground community and all those who travel through the city had grown fond of this very life-like creation of this very popular figure from ‘Duck Dynasty’ fame. Needless to say, Uncle Si the scarecrow was a popular figure long before the unfortunate events,” Knott said.

Allison Martin, who created the Uncle Si scarecrow with three other moms, said it took more than 40 hours to craft the Robertson scarecrow.

“To begin with, we were kind of upset; the main reason we had done ‘Duck Dynasty’ was because of the background and their beliefs and we truly believe in them, and as a community we have to forgive,” Martin told the Cherokee Tribune.

She added that the parents were intending to remake the “Duck Dynasty” themed creation.

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