‘Duck Dynasty’ recap: All four Robertson sons battle for who’s the best outdoorsman

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In what began as a seemingly friendly pickup game of badminton ended up in a battle of the four Robertson brothers. Even the beardless bro, Alan, was not immune to his younger siblings’ shenanigans.

“One thing about Willie and Jase that will never change -- they're not good losers,” Jep revealed after he and Alan beat Willie and Jase in badminton. “They are losers, just not very good ones.”

Living up to their sore loser label, Willie and Jase challenged their brothers to any other outdoor activity and promised they would win.

“I’m a better competitor. I'm better looking and I'm my mom’s favorite. Beat that ding dongs,” Jep fired after he and Alan accepted the challenge.

Per Uncle Si’s suggestion, the four Robertson sons agreed to be dropped off in the middle of the woods and each pair would compete to see who could make it to Phil’s house the fastest.

“Al’s turned into one of those bloated house cats,” Willie challenged his older brother.

“My brothers tend to forget they're not the only ones with wilderness skills,” Alan said. They're always saying, ‘Al's getting old, Al's not an outdoorsman, Al can't do this.’ I say we cut these boys.”

“I’m going to enjoy your pain, Jep,” said Phil who was sure Willie and Jase would prevail.

“That's a strange thing to say to your son,” answered Jep.

While the boys geared up for the big battle, Si opted to help Miss Kay save money by couponing.

“Now this is what it's all about boys,” said Si. “Brothers in arms competing to see who can make it out in the wild. Y’all are lucky that I have to go pick up Miss Kay or I would get in this thing and hey, I would take you boys to school.”

Miss Kay only meant to enlist Si’s help to save a few dollars here and there but Si took things too far as usual. He grabbed a few dozen deodorant sticks, which he doesn’t even use, Miss Kay noted.

“For this kind of deal, I'll start using deodorant,” Si said.

Miss Kay quickly realized Si had a serious couponing problem.

“You're supposed to use [coupons] to save money, not to buy a bunch of things you don't even need,” a concerned Miss Kay said. “Si’s starting to get this look in his eye and it's a little bit scary. I haven't seen that look since he got all worked up about ‘Home Alone 3.’ Just because Macaulay Culkin isn't in it, you don't have to knock down the whole video display. My point is, he gets carried away.”

Back at the battle, all four Robertsons were having trouble finding their way back to Phil’s.

“You need to trust me, I’m the outdoorsmen,” Jase told his battle buddy Willie.

In the end, it was Alan and Jep who hitched a ride back to Phil’s and won. [You’re] late to the party,” Jep teased. Disappointed, they all made up over family dinner.

“Every family has their own set of rules," Willie explained. "For the Robertsons, it’s pretty simple -- love God, love your family and love hunting ducks.

“Outside of that, everything is open to interpretation. For instance, Alan likes to bend the rules, while I happen to be good at enforcing them. And Si, he doesn't even understand the rules to begin with. But at the end, none of that really matters as long as there's love in your home and food on the table."