Does viral video star 'wisdom teeth girl' still want a boob job?

Wisdom teeth surgery is no joke but this woman’s drive home from the dentist was nothing short of hilarious. Her mom filmed Shelby Marsh-Quinlin while she was still a little loopy from anesthesia and Shelby was disappointed she had oral surgery instead of a boob job. She spoke to FOX411 about her unexpected viral fame, and if she received any potential breast augmentation offers.

FOX411: First things first, are you still disappointed you didn’t get breast implants?

Shelby Marsh-Quinlin: Umm, a little bit. I never had thought I wanted breast implants before until I’ve seen that video.  Huh?  I guess I do.  So, I’ve never mentioned anything about it before.  So, it was kind of random.

FOX411:  You know, Freud would probably say this was something deeply seeded in your subconscious.  Are you mad at your mom for filming you?  Because I would’ve killed my mom.  That’s embarrassing.

Marsh-Quinlin:  No, my mom’s my best friend so I wasn’t mad at her.  I kind of figured from the way she was kind of being sneaky a little bit she was going to do that.  But I had no idea it was going to be like that.  But no I wasn’t mad at her.

FOX411:  Why did you let her post the video on YouTube?

Marsh-Quinlin:  She had asked and I was like well I mean I guess you can post it because we were trying to show friends and we couldn’t text the video because it was too long, and so she was like, “Why don’t we just post it on YouTube and then they can look it up there?”  I was like, “OK, that’s fine.” And it went crazy! I didn’t expect it at all.

FOX411:  Yeah.  What has the reaction been?

Marsh-Quinlin:  Ummm, I would go out to a bar and people will be like, “You’re the girl from the wisdom teeth video!”  I’m like, “Umm, yup, that’s me.”  So, a bunch of people…I’ve had a ton of views on it.  Crazy.

FOX411:  Now that you have viral fame, are you going to run with it or is that your last video?

Marsh-Quinlin:  I’m not planning on getting anymore wisdom teeth out or anything so I think it will be the last video for sure.

FOX411:  OK.  That’s fair enough.  What’s one thing the video or the video description got wrong that you want to correct?

Marsh-Quinlin:  It said I was a teen. I was like, “C’mon.  I’m not a teen!”  I’m actually 22.  So, it kind of sucked because a lot of people were like, “Oh, this teen like cussing”…or something like that, and I’m like oh, I’m not a teen.  I know it was bad but I’m not.

FOX411:  One day you’ll be thankful that you look so young.  Being that you were so disappointed with your lack of a breast augmentation has anyone on the Internet offered you one like a legitimate doctor’s office, not just some random person?

Marsh-Quinlin:  No, no one has offered me a boob job.  There’s a bunch of people who said they’ll start a GoFundMe page and stuff like that.

FOX411:  Oh my gosh.

Marsh-Quinlin:  No, no doctors have offered me a boob job.

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