Did Emilia Clarke fracture her hip dancing with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Can dancing with Arnold Schwarzenegger can be bad for your health?

Emilia Clarke, who appears in  "Terminator Genisys," was recently spotted walking with the aid of crutches after she broke her hip.

Speaking with ET at the premiere of her epic sci-fi action film -- where she was crutch-free -- Clarke revealed the cause of her painful injury.

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"I fractured my hip break dancing with Arnold Schwarzenegger," Clarke said, cementing once and for all the absolute greatest backstory to a mysterious injury.

Although, it's unclear if she's being totally honest. Speaking to BBC Radio 1 on June 25, Clarke opened up about her injury, saying, "I want to say it’s from Parkour or something. Something really brilliant, like I’m trying to vault a wall, but in reality I just slipped. It’s really boring. But by the end of the press tour I’m going to come up with the sickest story ever. It’s going to be pretty brilliant."

So there's a chance she didn't actually fracture her hip busting a sweet move with the former Mr. Universe. But we prefer to live in a world where that is absolutely the truth.

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Clarke also spoke with ET about taking over the role of Sarah Conner, made famous by actress Linda Hamilton in the original two Terminator films.When asked if she's spoken to Hamilton about the character, Clarke admitted, "I haven't at all."

"I just really hope she watches it and likes it," Clarke added.

Clarke, who is best known for her role as the Mother of Dragons on HBO's "Game of Thrones," stars in the massive blockbuster, which opens July 1.