Danny Devito 'fine' after nasty fall on stage while promoting new movie 'Dumbo'

Danny DeVito took a bit of a tumble at a recent event promoting Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” adaptation. Fortunately, the star bounced back with some grace.

DeVito, 74, was taking the stage at a packed room to promote the upcoming film to much applause from the crowd. As he reached the top step, he lost his footing and fell forward. The applause quickly turned to gasps as the “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star hit the ground with a large thud.

He immediately got up on his knees but took a moment to announce to the audience that he tripped. Three staff members showed up to give him a hand in getting back on his feet before he announced: “I think I’m OK.”

The audience then resumed their applause.

You can see the moment in question in the video below, courtesy of Uno TV.

Fortunately, DeVito’s assessment of his own health was accurate. A representative for the star told Fox News, “Danny is fine. No damage to him at all.”

According to USA Today, the star found his way to his interview chair and joked with reporters not to print any pictures of his fall.

DeVito will play ringmaster Max Medici in the new film, based on the Disney classic animated film. He enlists Holt Farrier, played by Colin Ferrell, and his children to watch over his elephant friend Dumbo. The film hits theaters March 29.