Daniel Craig told to stop slamming Bond flicks?

Daniel Craig, who griped he’d rather “slash his wrists” than do another Bond film just weeks before the new movie “Spectre” is to be released, has been told to shut up by execs at Sony, according to Page Six.

Bond insiders told Page Six Craig’s cranky outburst to Time Out London was brought on by the tough shoot for the latest 007 installment.

One source said, “They had problems initially with the script, Craig was injured on the set and needed knee surgery, and they were still doing re-shoots last month, even though the movie is out in weeks. It was a very difficult shoot, to say the least.” 

But Craig’s curmudgeonly comment hasn’t gone down well in Hollywood.

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Ellen Pompeo tweeted, “This dude needs a reality check,” indicating most actors would be thrilled with the high-profile gig. 

Another Hollywood insider told The Post, “Craig is pretentious and thinks he’s better than Bond, that it doesn’t give him the creative range he needs. Plus he hasn’t had a big hit movie outside of the franchise, and he blames that on Bond.” 

Sony reps declined to comment. Craig’s rep didn’t respond.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post's Page Six.