Lauren Lane, a former contestant on "The Bachelor" and the wife of country music star Chris Lane, called mask mandates for young children in schools "cruel" in a series of social media posts.

Lauren, known to Bachelor Nation fans by her maiden name Lauren Bushnell for her appearance on Season 20 of "The Bachelor," took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday to share her opposing views related to children wearing masks in school amid the coronavirus pandemic. She began by sharing the perspective of another Instagram user who called out Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and implied it's hypocritical to mandate masks for kids while allowing stadiums to be filled with unmasked adults for events.

"Young children cannot learn with a mask on period point blank. This is cruel. I am thankful we are able to travel for now to see family bc Dutton is not two and in my heart I know for a fact he would never keep a mask on at the young age of 2," Lauren, who shares son Dutton with her husband, wrote.

"I'm not anti mask but if you let 75K people gather in a stadium - child care programs with TODDLERS can lose the masks.  WHO IS REPRESENTING THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!" her post, which references Super Bowl LVI, continues.


Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell attend the 53nd annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell attend the 53nd annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Lauren continued to repost others' thoughts on the matter. One quote she reposted from the @houseinhabit Instagram account reads, "The funny thing is, if you are pro masks, because it helps stop transmission, the super bowl situation should bother you. If you're anti-masks- because of erratic mandates, the super bowl Situation should bother you. We should honestly all be equally bothered together."

The reality TV alum stressed her stance comes from her intention to protect her son.

"Will forever fight for this baby and his right to learn.  I have the ability to home school him or send him to private school if I have to. Not everyone has this ability to do for their children. It's not fair and cruel to an entire generation," she wrote above a photograph of her eight-month-old son.

Lane's wife then went on to say she believes "everyone should have a choice."


"I personally believe children learn best without a mask but if a parent wants to mask their child-they know what's best for THEIR BABY. No judgment either way but hypocritical,  self-motivated politicians controlling our children learning makes me sick. Mom knows best and not every child is the same!!!" she added.

Lauren then posted some criticizing remarks she received from other Instagram users, calling the backlash "scary." She called for an "open dialogue."

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell welcomed a son in 2021.

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell welcomed a son in 2021. (Jason Kempin)

Lauren concluded her opinion by stressing that she fears for the parents who cannot afford to home school their children or send them to private school.


"Tbh in my heart I feel for the parents of those who don't have these options. Who feel like their babies are falling behind but don't have the same options I have or this person has. I feel for the babies who require speech therapy or have a learning disability and rely on watching adults speak. I have empathy for those who have sick., immunocromprosied (sic) babies and have lost loved ones to ovidand the feelings these topics spark.  I just want honest conversations and for people to also advvocate for our children and only our children," she wrote.

Lauren and Lane welcomed their son Dutton in June 2021. The couple wed in October 2019 in Nashville. She was previously engaged to "Bachelor" star Ben Higgins.