Cobie Smulders Poses Topless, Cooklyn Serves Up Lobster Mac and Cheese, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening:

• Former "How I Met Your Mother" star (and current "Avengers: Age of Ultron" actress) Cobie Smulders posed topless for the May issue of Women's Health magazine (she talks about it on "JKL" below), perhaps partly because she wanted to flaunt her post-baby body, but maybe partly to apologize to "How I Met Your Mother" fans for all the shirtless Jason Segal they had to endure, too.

• Lobster has long been the food of gods and kings, while macaroni and cheese has always been seen as more pedestrian fare. Luckily, the chef at Cooklyn in NYC doesn't discriminate. Watch the video above to see how he prepares a mouthwatering lobster mac and cheese, then

• "Thinking Out Loud" singer Ed Sheeran remarked in a recent interview that his buddy, One Direction singer Harry Styles, "definitely hasn't got a little thing." And before you ask, yes, Ed was talking about Harry's penis. Also before you ask, yes, Ed should probably stop "thinking out loud" and go back to thinking in silent out his friends' penises.

• Sofia Vergara's ex-fiance Nick Loeb is reportedly suing over custody of frozen embryos they created in 2013, because apparently, old legal documents (concerning the embryos) never specified what would happen should Vergara and Loeb break up. Naturally, we first wondered by Loeb even wants his ex-fiancee's kids, but then we remembered she's rich and gorgeous. Who wouldn't want her kids?

• The first teaser trailer for "Batman v. Superman" was released online Wednesday night (below), but it doesn't show us much more than quick glimpses of the characters' costumes and the film's new complicated logo, which looks like it's gonna be really hard for your childhood buddy Zeke to airbrush into the side of his van.

• In an interview with Access Hollywood, Giuliana Rancic confirmed that she and Brad Goreski will indeed return to "Fashion Police" in September, and that E! will "just have to fill in the other seats" before then. (Hopefully with a few people that viewers will actually find funny.)

• After recently announcing she was retiring from the runway, Gisele Bundchen walked her last ever catwalk on Wednesday at San Paulo Fashion Week. So from now on, if you want to see Gisele display her fierceest, most purposeful walk, you're just gonna have to try and catch her at an AIDS walk or something.

• On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj kinda-sorta confirmed she's engaged to rapper Meek Mill, who reportedly proposed with a 15-carat diamond ring valued at $500,000 (below). So now, whenever she releases a new dirty sex song, it'll be even harder for your male friends to imagine it's about them.

• On Wednesday, Funny or Die revealed the Dennis Quaid freakout video to be just a prank. They followed it up with a full-length sketch starring Quaid, wherein we find out he was yelling about the literal babies and "horse sh**" in the room all along. We'd show it to you here, but seeing as it's pretty profane and, quite frankly, pretty lame, we won't. (You're welcome.)

• During the filming of this year's TV Land Awards, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor Terry Crews lip-syched a medley of TV theme songs, and even serenaded Betty White with a lip-synched version of the theme to "The Golden Girls" (below). In related news, Neil Patrick Harris is kicking himself for actually singing at awards shows all these years.

• On Thursday, TIME revealed its list of the 100 Most Influential People of 2015, which includes names as diverse as Kanye West, Bradley Cooper, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Misty Copeland and Jorge Ramos — each of whom is featured on separate covers of the magazine's edition. So hurry up and get your copy of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg one before they sell out. It's sure to be the collectible one.

• And finally, "American Idol" contestant Quentin Alexander confronted judge Harry Connick Jr. on Wednesday's show after Connick told Alexander he was "highly disrespectful" for remarking that the show was "wack" (below). Alexander then walked and seemingly intimidated the bejesus out of Connick, which is all the more impressive considering the ridiculous shirt he was wearing.