Casey Affleck gets testy with Stephen Colbert

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Things got off to an awkward start when actor Casey Affleck stopped by "The Late Show" Monday to promote his movie "Triple 9." Host Stephen Colbert sarcastically thanked Affleck for "dressing up" when he came out sans tie with long hair and a beard.

Affleck, who looked good, called Colbert out for being rude and interrupted Colbert while he was setting up a joke, asking "how long are we going to talk about this?" Then Colbert told him he looks like "a street-corner Jesus." Colbert even suggested that they should fight at the end of the interview.

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The interview got back on track soon after. It's hard to tell if they were completely kidding, or if Affleck was genuinely offended and then Colbert got offended because Affleck was offended.

Decide for yourself:

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