Can Chicken Make You Gay? Colombian Model Natalia Paris Says Yes

Apparently gay men ate a lot of chicken when they were growing up. Or at least that’s what one Colombian model believes.

National figure Natalia Paris is receiving flack after being caught on video saying boys who eat chicken injected with hormones are more likely to turn gay.

Colombia’s Caracol TV got Paris on camera saying that she knew young girls between the ages of 7 and 10 who were starting to go through puberty prematurely because they had eaten the hormone added poultry.

"Because of that, the boys that are eating [that kind of] chicken, because they are injecting female hormones, are starting to turn into homosexuals," she said.

While Paris is known for being outrageous, these comments seemed to be a far reach for many Colombians.

As The New York Daily News reported, the president of the National Federation for Colombian Poultry Farmers (FENAVI) Andrés Fernando Moncada was quick to call the claims “rubbish.”

"When you hear this kind of a statement from a public figure like Natalia Paris, we must express our total outrage," Moncada said while speaking to Blu Radio.

He added it is an “urban myth” that Colombia uses hormones in chicken.

While the comments were a departure from the normal manner in which Paris crusades for animal rights, it was not the first time the 39-year-old has caused a stir.

Just last year Paris had tongues wagging when she posed in a series of erotic photographs in La Revista magazine.

The photos showed her caged in a bikini and eating raw meat on all fours in an attempt to show the painful existence of animals used by humans.

While the poultry comments are most certainly not the most shocking thing Paris has said or done, this is the first time her actions have garnered so much attention worldwide.

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