Brooke Shields on Having 'The Talk' With Her Daughters: 'The 11-Year-Old Cringes'

Brooke Shields has played a few risque roles in her early career (e.g. "Pretty Baby," "The Blue Lagoon"), so she's acutely aware that kids are going to be exposed to their share of adult themes on-screen.

Her solution? Have "the talk" with her own daughters before the movies, TV, and the internet do it for her.

"The 11-year-old cringes," says Shields. "And I say to her, 'Listen, If you can't say penis or you can't talk about sex … then you can't watch these R-rated movies you want to watch!"

"They're not as prepared as they think they are, so I broach it all the time," she adds.

For more on how Shields creates a safe place to talk birds and bees with the kiddos, watch the rest of our exclusive interview above.