Brooke Hogan: I'm a country music singer now

Brooke Hogan is ready to take on country music. The reality star-turned-singer and famous daughter of Hulk Hogan has been hiding out in music city trying to earn her place within the industry. Hogan told FOX411 Country that she's finally ready to release her first country music album.

FOX411 Country: How long have you been in Nashville?
Brooke Hogan: "I’ve actually been here in Nashville for 3 years, I kind of didn’t tell anybody because I wanted to cultivate my songwriting, make some friends, I feel like I’ve finally found my home. I'm from Clearwater, Florida and I love Nashville so much I don’t even really miss the beach.

FOX411 Country: When can we expect to hear your new album?
Hogan: So I’ve finished my new country album and it's coming out next year.

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FOX411 Country: What kind of country artist would you say you are?
Hogan: I would say [my style is] a beachy-country-rock. I'm from the beach and I love country so it's a mix of both.

FOX411 Country: You've released non-country music before, why make the switch now?
I did country way back when I was like 13-14 years old and then I kind of fell into the pop genre. You know, when you’re 17 and a record label says, 'Hey do pop,' you listen. And then I just was kind of sick of the songwriting falling away and that world wasn't registering my heart right so I said I’m going to try my hand in Nashville and I have fallen in love with this place.

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