British actress admits to trying Botox once and hating it

At 62, "Franklin & Bash" star Jane Seymour can still rock a bikini, but what shortcuts has she taken to maintain her enviable figure? She revealed all to Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight.

While Seymour admits to having just enough breast enhancement surgery to replace "what the kids ate," she is adamantly against Botox.

"I tried Botox once -- hated it," said Seymour. "It was just the worst thing ever."

Instead of going under the knife or applying the needle, Seymour has stuck to good old-fashioned diet and exercise.

"I keep reading in the papers, 'Oh, she's genetically that way and her parents and genetic family are that way.' No, I mean we are talking very large people [in my family]," said Seymour. "My mother, who was an amazing woman, was very large and she was always on the 'tomorrow' diet."

Despite her youthful appearance, Seymour insists that she's embracing her age both off screen and on.

"I'm just starting a movie in which I'm playing a woman who is my age and I'm excited about it," said Seymour. "I'm excited about the fact that they can sidelight me and get all the wrinkles ... I earned them."

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